Skin Care Products

Maximus Moisture Hair & Skin Care

Maximus Moisture is our hair care and skin care product line that is full of youthful enthusiasm. The products were created with the help of our son, Caiden Maximus.

For those unaware, Caiden Maximus is a crowd favourite at our salon. He is always in the shop with our staff. He likes to help mom out with patients' hair care, giving them head rubs, or brushing and braiding their hair.

Ever since Caiden Maximus was young, he has had a penchant for business. When he was little, he would often take out his toys and try to sell them to clients at the store. Many of our clients admired his passion for business and would pay him for head rubs or items he was selling.

Recognizing this interest in business and his passion for hair care, we decided to launch our product line.

All Maximus Moisture hair care and skin care products use a natural moisture base from our Canadian-based supplier. Any additional ingredients are added by our team of professionals. Caiden Maximus is also very involved in this process. He loves to blend all the ingredients with the mixer, assist with prepping all the bottles for labelling, and most noticeably, act as the face for the product and be a great salesman. It's a passion project for him and a wonderful product for clients.



Happy Maximus Hair & Skin Care Clients!