Ebony Beauty Boutique Hair Salon

The Ebony Beauty Boutique is a friendly and inviting hair salon. Our staff is passionate about transforming hairstyle, improving hair care, and preventing hair loss. We specialize in dreadlocks, afros, and hair extensions, but our staff has the skills required to perform any haircut.

Our salon and highly trained team are committed to delivering quality service.  We make it our goal to empower people and make them feel beautiful. That's why we have become a one-stop shop for hair care, skincare, and more. We hope that Ebony Beauty Boutique can be a convenient location for people to update their style, learn about hair care, and be surrounded by a warm and caring environment.

Hair Services and Prices
Cornrows / Braids $50-$100
Cornrows / Braids & Extensions $60-$150
Box Braids $60-$100
Box Braids & Extensions $130-$250
Weaves $100-$150
Dreadlocks Starting $250-$700
Dreadlocks Maintenance $70-$90
Nano Bead $150-$200
Micro Bead $150-$200
Twist $60-$100
Twist and Extensions $200-$250
Box Braids & Extensions $130-$250

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the latest rates.