About Ebony Beauty Boutique

At Ebony we offer a unique combination of hair products, hair extensions and a talented stylist that provides our clients great hair care service and hair care products all under one roof.

We want to make your experience memorable.

Our services includes braids, weaves, loc maintenance, loc installation, hair relaxer, micro link extensions, cornrows and crochet braids.

Our Mission is to make you look and feel beautiful by keeping up with the current trends and educating ourselves with the best practice in the process.

Opal Bilodeau

Ebony Beauty Boutique is run by hairstylist and business owner, Opal Bilodeau. Opal has been a stylist for over 12 years and has a passion for styling afros and dreadlocks, incorporating hair extensions, and preventing hair loss. She is dedicated to empowering her clients and helping them feel confident about their hairstyle.

Hair has always been her passion. Some of her earliest memories are styling her doll's hair. After she graduated from high school, her aunt enrolled her in hair school. She fell in love with the program and obtained a diploma in hairdressing. She later completed a skincare diploma as well.

Before coming to Canada, Opal lived in Jamaica. She decided to move to Canada on a student visa to study fashion and film make-up art. She considers her strong educational background a blessing that opens up many doors, from working in my salon to working on a movie set and stage productions.

Opal enjoys giving back and making lasting connections. One of her most favorite memories was volunteering at the orphanage center back in Jamaica. She would take care of kids, feed them, bathe and wash their hair, and then braid or style them. Those connections taught her valuable life skills and memories that she thinks about everyday.

Opal's son, Caiden Maximus, is another prominent member of the salon. He is friendly, energetic, and shares his mother's passion for hair care. He is also the inspiration for the "Maximus Moisture" product line sold exclusively at Ebony Beauty Boutique. Caiden Maximus remains heavily involved with product ideas and quality control. He is often mixing ingredients, labeling bottles, and selling the products to customers.

If you want to meet our team, the best way to do so is by coming to our salon. Get in contact with us now to book your appointment.